Patricia de Herédia was born in Lisbon in 1973 and soon showed her artistic expression having had several individual and group exhibitions on the last years. Patricia went to arts department and graduated from high school in Florida, USA

Education in Painting
2002/2003 - Life Model Drawing, Chapitô Art School in Lisbon;
2001/2002 - Drawing and Art Theory course, the School of Fine Arts ArCo, Lisbon;
1997/1998 - Painting and History of Art course, the School of Fine Arts ArCo, Lisbon;
1996/1997 - Watercolor Painting with Professor Michael Wieben, Sintra.

Artistic Residency
2015 - Artistic Residency at Fyr Bøligen in Sula, Norway;
2009 - Fourth International Symposium of Painting, Stary Sacz, Poland;
2008 - Artistic Residency at São miguel, Azores.

Solo Exhibitions
2015 - “Sounds Like Paintings”, Flores do Cabo Gallery, Sintra;
2014 / 2015, - “Paisagens”, Center of Arts and Culture of Ponte de Sor;
2014 - "How Things Neither Begin Nor End", Corrente D'Arte Gallery, Lisbon;
2013 - "Find Me" Farol Hotel, Cascais;
2012 - "Light on Earth", Marina de Lagos, Lagos, Algarve;
2009 - "Ilhas 9 Mágicas ", Centro Municipal de Cultura, São Miguel, Açores;
2008 - "Alma da Vela" in “Reitoria da Universidade da Madeira”, invited and sponsored by "Funchal 500 Anos" as part of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Funchal, Madeira;
2008 - "Alma da Vela" at the Naval Museum, in a partnership with “Federação Portuguesa de Vela”, coinciding with the presentation of the Olympic Portuguese sailors event, Lisbon.

Group Exhibitions
2015 - Vera World Fine Art Festival 2015, Cordoaria Nacional, Lisbon;
2012 - "Mar e Motivos Marítimos", Maritime Academy of the Navy Museum, Lisbon;
2009 - Fourth International Symposium of Painting, Stary Sacz, Poland;
1997 - Young Artists Exhibition, Pedro Falcão Foundation, Cascais.

Public Commissions
2009 - Several works of oil on canvas, entitled "Casas da Cidade", were commissioned by Architect Filipa Lacerda for“Grupo BES Saúde”, Lisbon;
2001 - 21 works of oil on canvas were commissioned by Architect Filipa Lacerda for Hotel York House Lisbon.

Private and Public Collections
Some of my works are displayed in public collections of the Municipality of Funchal in Madeira; Municipality of Ponta Delgada in the Azores; Municipality of Stary Sacz in Poland, “Casas da Cidade, BES Group in Lisbon, York House Hotel in Lisbon, MSF Group in the Algarve and also in private collections in Portugal, France, England, Australia, USA and Poland..

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